Healing Arts

"Together may we chart a better tomorrow for us all so that we might create our world in a more perfect image of our collective Unity."

I strive to Create only the best for the world around me, and in doing so Create what is best for the world. Healing can mean many things, here it takes a form most unique, one built of both of our energies. Mine, and yours.

"It is only with the adversity of challenge and the steady pace of boredom that we discover the subtle beauty of the world."

I offer a myriad of articles and objects to help you on your journey within Spirit. You can see a full exploration of these items in my Shop at the top of my page. But I will also offer some brief explanations here.

Tarot Cards:
With input from the ultimate user I create a deck of tarot cards designed just for you. This is a fairly lengthy process that can take a few months to complete, so please be patient while the process takes place. I will of course oblige with frequent updates as to the cards progress and there will be a detailed conversation and session where the cards are designed and channeled.
Once completed the cards are then printed professionally, regardless of the mediums used in their creation, to give you the best feel and handle of your cards. Once they arrive to me they're given a metal leafed edge finish (optional), then sent off to their new home.

"We are always but the culmination of our previous experiences and our future aspirations."

Be at peace with what you put forward into the world. You are the only one bringing about your limitations. Embrace all that you can be.

Aün-ès-qua Runes:
Hand carved runes for the New Age! While trying to use my own innate intuitive abilities, I'd always struggled with divining through runes and tarot. I loved their symbolism, artistry, craft and stratagem, but struggled with connecting to anything I found. Then, sometime after 2012 I began to see runes in my dreams, in my mind's eye and in the world around me. I began drawing them out and they began to form into shapes and symbols I could find meaning in. I realized I had created runes for the New Age. A set of symbols that can not only divine the future, but help heal the past.

"The idea that there is only 'one' true 'god' is a specific reflection of the concept that all spiritual roads lead to the same destination."

I received my classical training in energy manipulation and healing from Cheryl Banfield at the LoveLight Center in Wells, Maine (www.lovelightilluminations.com). But my interest and study of prana or chi as it is often known stems back far longer in this life and past ones. I primarily work with the energy within a space, with manifestations in locations, and environmental leyline or nodular work. I might be inclined to offer you a healing session, but you'll probably have much better luck if you need your space cleansed and its vibration raised.

Gaea-khi is the energy of Mother Earth, when moved by a Lightworker through the higher planes. It is a process that transmutes the physical "3-D" into quantum frequencies. It is a very fluid energy that can be worked through both old and new modalities. As well as through the physical realm, the energetic realm, the light realm and all that they encompass. It works with both chakras and illuminas.

Since the dawn of the New Age in 2012 our world has begun experiencing an incredible shift of energies, bringing Earth into New, higher frequencies. Knowing this one can engage the old frequencies and raise them to the new ones. It is an energy that works particularly well with Labradorite and Rose Quartz. It is an energy and a modality for healing spaces and Nature, not necessarily for healing humans. However you can take Gaea-khi into your heart center and embrace your connection to the natural world around you.

"There is stillness in the Night and brilliance in the Dawn, but Daylight is when action is met."

Action can shape our future and define our past. Even in inaction we court its counterpart, in ever equaling balance.

Past Life Exploration:
Not for the feint of heart. Together we can delve through your pasts, even through to the Akashic Records if necessary. Often this kind of work is in itself innately healing but there may be additional work needed as well. Through this however we might be able to glimpse how they may have actually looked in their time. Giving us a rare chance to connect on a visual level with our past lives in this physical reality. Of course any Creation to come from this work together would be yours. It always was, I just helped it get here.

Thank you for taking the time to explore this side of my works. I hope you weren't disappointed. If there is something you think I can help you with don't hesitate to contact me.