"I find myself drawn to the life of a Renaissance man. My fingers in a lot of pies, so to speak. But if I had to define myself I would say I am an Artist, Writer and Intuitive Healer. Using these skills I weave worlds that insight change and inspire imagination. I bend the very fabric of our Universe to create images and tales that entice the participant to embark on a journey of transformation.

Art is meant to be a journey, to take you somewhere, an actual place, a place in your memory or simply somewhere in your imagination. With my work I strive to take that experience even further. All of my work is divinely inspired and crafted with the highest intent for the future holder. With something of my creation you will find yourself leaving your journey a different person than you began." - Patrick Harrison

Patrick Harrison is an artist, illustrator and author living on the southern coast of Maine. He strives to create work that inspires change in those who view it and provides an honest and true portrayal of the differences and similarities among all of us. Please enjoy this humble expression of his works.

His illustrative work strives to illuminate the similarities in lifestyle between all people, and speaks to growing up and the personal evolution of coming of age. His characters connect the viewer with the pieces, then the fantastic settings give the work a unique flair and personality. In creating a style that is reminiscent of animated classics and many children’s book art, blended with elements of realism, impressionism and iconography. His work brings to light important social topics close to him in stories and settings that are completely his own.

In his work as a fantasy and science-fiction novelist he focuses on creating a broader spectrum of protagonists in the genre and in literature overall. Particularly in concern to LGBT representation. His self-published debut novel “Quiet Courage” has traveled to six other countries and is sold in bookstores throughout his home state, Maine. You can learn more about “Quiet Courage” and it’s upcoming sequel “Quiet Grace” by visiting his other website: www.sundast.com.

A bit more about the artist...
Patrick Harrison was born in Elizabeth, New Jersey in October of 1989. He moved to Lyman, Maine with his parents and younger sister when he was seven and has lived in Maine mostly ever since. He likes to consider himself a “Mainer” even though some might disagree depending on your definition. But regardless he has a serious love for the state that “raised him” and a passion and dedication to all things Maine.

He graduated college in 2012 with a very successful senior show at the New Hampshire Institute of Art in Manchester, NH; earning his BFA in Illustration.  After a brief attempt to make it in “the big city”, he quickly grew homesick for the beautiful landscapes and relaxed lifestyle of his home state and it’s more rural surroundings. In addition to his professional schooling he considers himself a “student of life” trying to incorporate learning into his daily routine and strives to foster that mentality of “lifelong learning” in others.

In addition to his love of art in all its forms he also enjoys nature hikes, and is an avid gardener. He recently began pursuing a childhood fascination of the Japanese art of shaping miniature trees, commonly known as bonsai. He is a die-hard bibliophile with a library that exceeds the hundreds and is constantly growing. He is a lover of all things fantasy and happily considers himself a “nerd”. He loves art books, spicy foods, a rainy day spent reading, and learning new meditation techniques.

Having recently gotten married, he and his new husband are working to build a sustainable living retreat in the woods of his home, Maine. They stay up late into the evening discussing the best options for building their dream “small home” (Patrick is much too tall to consider a “tiny home”) and living in harmony with the land they live on. They plan to build a space that showcases the best practices for sustainable living and eventually open the space to the public as a rejuvenating get-away retreat where you can also learn skills and practices to bring back to your own lives.