Welcome and Many Blessings

This blogpost was originally posted to my Patreon on Feb 15, 2021. It has been edited slightly for continuity reasons and to express my new name. If you would like to see these posts before they go public please consider subscribing to my Patreon for as little as $1 a month. Thanks!

By each Word, I here Inscribe,

Create a Cauldron to Imbibe,

The Wisdom of the Universe anew,

For Me, but also here for You.

In this moment may We find,

The Truth in all its Brilliance enshrined,

Let’s reach within, with Breathe and Light,

And call forth Spirit warm and bright.

May what is shown here be of finest make,

For the Good of All and worth the Self it takes.

May only Beauty grace these pages,

As My skills increase in ever steady stages.

In these words does Power ring,

With each syllable and sound I sing.

May you Hear them resoundly bold,

In the listening Silence my Truth is told.

Now I rise on ready wings,

The call of the White Dragon I can’t unhear,

By Their strength, I bless this space,

And see my own path clear.

As Above, So Below

Blessed Be.

I activated my Patreon over a month ago and have I even so much as posted a “Hello, I’m Patrick” post? Absolutely not. And that doesn’t even get into the long, emotional journey that brought me to a point where I could even activate a blog. What do I say I Create? Worlds? Magick? Art? It’s kind of all but none of those things. And what should I base my tiers on? What can I possibly give everyone consistently to make them pay me actual money? It was a lot I promise you. But all of it changes today (only five days after I wrote the first draft of this blog, oops!) The point is that I’m finally starting this journey of Patreon.

I was stuck for a long time on what to do first. At the very least I’m making good headway on my 2021 projects, just not this one yet. I thought about beginning with an introductory post, then a project list, then I thought I’d just jump right in with a philosophical ramble. I’ve settled on this, whatever “this” is. Sort of a mix of all three I suppose. I’ve been learning to love things in threes. In my personal and professional life. Let’s actually start there, with a sort of introduction.

Hi everybody, I’m Lughnas. I’m a level 32 Creator (we’ll get into that more in a bit) with a passion for representative creative works that explore sexual orientation, gender and racial identity, and find the wonder in life, What I like to think of as Magick. I identify as a polyamorous, gay, male bodied, druid, sometimes a dragon (and a pup), with a love visual expression of Self. I’ll be honest I’m very much still learning what that even means to me. I live with my husband and our boyfriend on the Northern New England coastline with our small menagerie and an ever growing symphony of plantlife.

It’s kind of my goal with my work to help all of us remember real Magick. And not just in the traditional sense, though that more “traditional” Magick is a large part of the journey of this blog. The images and titles of my tiers are emblematic of my myriad skills. The Fae Gardener, The Stitch Witch, The Crystal Wordsmith, The Mystic Papermancer, The Alchemical Druid, And the Cosmic Dragon. I primarily work in six “mediums” if you will: Visual Art, Fabric and Sewing, Writing, Herbalism, Papercraft, and Photography. I’ll make another post going into more detail and showcasing some examples of each kind of work. I’ll also start sharing some behind the scenes shots of the making of some things from my recent projects. But for now let’s talk a bit more about Magick!

Magick, to me, is simply the Art of Creation. Now I know there was a lot of capitalized words in that sentence but let me break down why that’s the case. Magick, in and of itself is an art form, and anyone who uses it will probably agree with me. Since Art is the process of creating something essentially from nothing, a blank canvas or page, a bolt of fabric, an empty memory cartridge or roll of film; any of these are analogous to an empty vessel, begging to be filled with inspiration and skill. Which means, by this definition, any art form can qualify as Magick. It’s connecting to that HeArt space and manifesting something new. It’s transforming something, be it object or circumstance, for the better. And ultimately whatever is Created, helps make what it comes into contact with better.

I believe that Art and Magick should have meaning, and by having meaning it can also be used to make change. While change can be hard I believe it is always for the better. So even if a creation is difficult to witness, that difficulty provides us with growth. One of my favorite book series describes this perfectly. In Diane Daune’s “Young Wizard” series, wizards in that multiverse must recite a magically binding Oath that speaks volumes to this point:

“... I will change no object or creature,

Unless its growth and life,

Or that of the system of which it is part,

Are threatened or threaten another.

To these ends in the practice of my Art,

I will forever put aside fear for courage,

And Death for Life,

When it is right to do so,

Until Universe’s End.”

So many of those lines ring True for this moment and to me personally, so much so that the entirety of the Wizard’s Oath has made it to the front of every spellbook since I began focusing my Magickal Practice almost 8 years ago. That final phrase, “when it is right to do so, until Universe’s end” is so important. Sometimes it’s the right thing to cry, or to get angry, so the next “good” thing can happen. I’m not trying to say my Art is macabre or meant to invoke hard emotions. Merely that Art and Magick are often meant to begin the process of change.

I’m sure this blog will be full of further such philosophical musings in time. And I know I’ll go more into my views on magick and how to awaken your own soon, but I’d like to wrap this first post up talking a little bit about what the Prosperity and Growth spell at the front might mean for all of us. Most of my spellwork is spontaneous, and derives a lot of it’s base from traditional forms of rhyming poetry as you can clearly read. There is some evidence substantiating the use of rhyme and cadence in spellwork that I’ll research and elaborate on more later, but know that there is more to it than just a cool, “Charmed” like flow to my spellwork. I wanted this spell to serve as a guiding point for this stage of my life. And help me and all of us remember what the work of Creating really is about. Exploring and demystifying the strange world that is our emotional brain.

Oh! One quick note about the "Mature" rating. Sometimes, as an adult, I enjoy drawing what some people might consider... erotic illustrations. I also sometimes enjoy a pinup sort of aesthetic, especially when juxtaposed with other gender stereotypes. I also want to explore the lost connections between sexuality and Magick. And in the interest of keeping everyone "comfortable", I marked this space as mature. So yeah, sorry Mom.  Haha...ha. 

Anyways I’ve rambled on enough for one day. May these words find you in good health and constitution, and your labors be ever fruitful. Until next time my pups!

Many Blessings,

Lughnas Eabhan